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In Addition to Massachusetts Food Poisoning Claims, Our Boston, MA Personal Injury Lawyer Experts Handle All Other Types of Massachusetts Personal Injury Cases and Massachusetts Wrongful Death Cases. Call Our Massachusetts Accident Injury Attorney Specialists 24/7 at

Our Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers and Boston, Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyers Will Assist You in Your Time of Need. Our Boston Attorneys Have Obtained Millions of Dollars in Damages For Our Massachusetts Injury Clients.

Personal injuries are unexpected, devastating and tragic. They frequently involve legal matters that Massachusetts residents should not manage on their own due to their complexity and the detail required. To ensure that all matters are handled in a way that benefits the injured person, you need to call one of our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys or Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys at (617) 787-3700 or email us at You need an injury lawyer with skill, experience and expertise with Massachusetts personal injury claims, and our Boston injury attorneys have that skill, experience and expertise.

Our Boston, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and Boston, Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers have successfully represented thousands of Massachusetts victims who were injured or killed, through no fault of their own, in serious accidents in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. Let our team of experienced Boston, Massachusetts personal injury accident lawyers help you get full, just and fair compensation for your Massachusetts injuries.

Our Boston, MA personal injury attorneys will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the best result from your case.

Our team of Massachusetts personal injury lawyers include:

Massachusetts Auto Accident Injury Lawyer
Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyer
Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Massachusetts Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Lawyer
Massachusetts Pedestrian Slip, Trip and Fall Lawyer
Massachusetts Burn Injury Lawyer
Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Bus Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Train Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts ATV Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Nursing Home and Elderly Abuse Lawyer
Massachusetts Product Liability and Defective Products Lawyer
Massachusetts Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer
Massachusetts Dog Bite and Animal Attack Lawyer
Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
Massachusetts Lead Poisoning Lawyer
Massachusetts Medication Errors Lawyer
Massachusetts Birth Injury Lawyer
Massachusetts Asbestos Related Injury Lawyer
Massachusetts Snow and Ice Lawyer
Massachusetts Toxic Mold Lawyer
Massachusetts Premises Liability Lawyer
Massachusetts Explosion Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Construction Site Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Airplane Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Sexual Harassment Lawyer
Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Lawyer
Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer
Massachusetts Sports Related Accident Lawyer
Massachusetts Negligent Security Lawyer
Massachusetts Electrocution Accident Lawyer


Our Boston, MA Personal Injury Lawyer Specialists and Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyers are Experts in Dealing with Massachusetts Insurance Companies and Handling Massachusetts Personal Injury Claims. Call Our Massachusetts Accident Injury Attorney Experts 24/7 at 617-787-3700.

Many steps that we will undertake for you will include the following:

  • Ensure that you are receiving proper medical treatment,
  • Obtain money for your missing wages,
  • Communicate for you with the Massachusetts insurance companies,
  • Investigate your Massachusetts injury accident,
  • Obtain all available evidence, including witness statements, photographs and expert opinions,
  • Get and analyze Massachusetts police and Massachusetts operator reports,
  • Study all available sources of Massachusetts insurance for you,
  • Get payment for your medical expenses,
  • Get reimbursement for all other expenses related to your Massachusetts accident,
  • Obtain and study medical records and other accident documents,
  • Analyze your Massachusetts injuries and needs,
  • Evaluate any short and long-term financial needs, upcoming wage loss and medical care, and
  • Negotiate your Massachusetts personal injury claim to achieve a successful result for you.

If you have suffered a Massachusetts injury, it is probable that a Massachusetts insurance company is attempting to contact you to obtain a statement and potentially negotiate a settlement with you. It is extremely important to realize that the Massachusetts insurance company does not work for you, and is only interested in limiting its liability and the amount of money it has to pay to compensate you for your injuries. In many, if not all, cases, the Massachusetts insurance company hires adjusters, investigators, and attorneys to make certain that it pays the least amount that it can.

You should never deal with an insurance company and its trained professionals in a Massachusetts personal injury matter without an experienced Boston, Massachusetts personal injury attorney on your side. The Boston, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and Boston, Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have that experience and expertise in Massachusetts personal injury claims. Negotiating a settlement on your own will minimize the amount of money you receive and can bar you from future damages if your condition worsens or new symptoms and problems develop. On top of this, if you sign a general release, it releases all persons who may be liable to you for your Massachusetts injuries. There have been a number of Massachusetts clients who tried to settle their claims without the advice and input of an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney and, to the insurance company’s benefit, they ended up signing general releases that released million dollar claims for only a fraction of their value.

Typical injuries sustained in Massachusetts accidents include:

Massachusetts Amputation Injuries
Massachusetts Ankle and Foot Injuries
Massachusetts Back and Spinal Cord Injuries
Massachusetts Brain and Head Injuries
Massachusetts Broken Bones
Massachusetts Bulging/Herniated Discs
Massachusetts Burn Injuries
Massachusetts Catastrophic Injuries
Massachusetts Denture Cream Injuries
Massachusetts Electrocution
Massachusetts Hip Injuries
Massachusetts Knee Injuries/Torn ACL
Massachusetts Lacerations
Massachusetts Leg and Femur Fractures
Massachusetts Neck and Cervical Spine Injuries
Massachusetts Orthopedic Injuries
Massachusetts Paralysis
Massachusetts Pelvic Injuries
Massachusetts Rotator Cuff Injuries
Massachusetts Scarring and Disfigurement
Massachusetts TMJ (Tempero-Mandibular Joint Syndrome)
Massachusetts Wrist Fractures


If you have any questions or issues about your Massachusetts personal injury claim, or the amount of money your case may be worth, PLEASE CALL OUR BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS TODAY at (617) 787-3700 for a FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION.


If it is more convenient for you or your loved one, Attorney Gil Hoy will come to your home or the hospital to meet with you and discuss your personal injury claim.

Call us 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Even if you call and get our answering service, leave a message because we’ll call you right back.

Our Boston law office charges you no attorney’s fees unless and until we successfully and fully recover just compensation for your personal injury claim.


Our Massachusetts food poisoning personal injury lawyers are proud to represent Massachusetts personal injury clients from throughout the Commonwealth.

Largest Cities in the Commonwealth:
Boston, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
/ Worcester, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Springfield, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Lowell, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Cambridge, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Brockton, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
New Bedford, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Fall River, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Lynn, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Quincy, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer

Other Cities and Towns of Note:
Attleboro, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Braintree, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Bridgewater, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Brookline, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Chelsea, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Dedham, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
Everett, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
/ Fitchburg, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Foxborough, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Framingham, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Haverhill, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Holyoke, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Lawrence, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Leominster, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Malden, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Marlborough, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Medford, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Methuen, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
Milford, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
/ Milton, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
Natick, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
/ Newton, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
Norwood, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Peabody, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
Plymouth, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
/ Randolph, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Revere, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Roslindale, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Saugus, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Stoughton, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Taunton, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Waltham, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Wellesley, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Weston, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer /
West Roxbury, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
/ Weymouth, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Woburn, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer

Massachusetts Counties and Other Regions:
Barnstable County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Bristol County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Cape Cod, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Essex County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Franklin County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Middlesex County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Norfolk County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Plymouth County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Suffolk County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer / Worcester County, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer

Call Our Boston, MA Personal Injury Lawyer Professionals 24/7 at 617-787-3700. You Can Also Email Our Massachusetts Accident Injury Attorney Advocates at

Massachusetts accident victims, including the victims of food poisoning injuries and their families, sustain a wide range of bodily injuries. In more fortunate and less serious circumstances and accidents, these injuries – both physical and psychological – may only result in temporary health problems, such as neck or back pain or soft-tissue injuries. In more serious accidents, however, the injuries that a personal injury victim, including victims from food poisoning, suffer from can be life-changing, and may lead to a permanent disability or illness or even Massachusetts accidental death. In order to ensure that your injuries are accurately and fully evaluated and assessed, the Boston, MA personal injury lawyers at our Boston, MA accident injury law office regularly consult with a number of medical experts to assist our Boston lawyers in the successful handling of your personal injury case. It is critical for your accident case that your injuries, both physical and emotional, are appropriately evaluated in order to get you the most appropriate medical treatment and to ensure that you recover the fair and just money damages that you deserve.

Our Boston injury attorneys and Boston wrongful death lawyers believe to the core that it is our duty to provide extraordinary legal representation and client counsel for each of our Massachusetts clients. In order to achieve this objective, our Massachusetts personal injury clients are regularly provided with superior client communication and assistance. Our Boston, MA attorneys make it a key priority to promptly respond to all client inquiries and questions, to keep our Massachusetts clients completely and fully informed of the status of their claims or cases in court, and to copy all of our Massachusetts clients on all correspondence. No action will be taken for a client unless and until the issue has been thoroughly discussed and vetted with our client beforehand and an agreement on the best way to proceed has been reached.

When you, a friend or a relative have been injured or killed through no fault of your own, our expert Boston, MA personal injury accident lawyers and Boston, MA wrongful death attorneys will help you. In most personal injury cases of all kinds in Massachusetts, your medical bills will be paid by the insurance companies that are involved. In some cases, however, and depending upon the particular facts and circumstances, an insurance company will not seek to obtain a copy of the medical bills that they are responsible for, and the injured party may end up paying the bills. This is far more likely to happen without an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer on your side. It is thus critical and highly beneficial that you get the assistance and expert advice of one of our Boston personal injury accident lawyer specialists or Boston wrongful death lawyer professionals as soon as possible to ensure that the responsible parties pay your medical bills or the medical bills of a loved one in the necessary amount of time. If your medical bills are not paid by the insurance companies when they should be, your credit may be harmed, and you may be required to pay the bills and medical expenses out of your own funds.

Depending significantly upon the particular facts and circumstances of a Massachusetts personal injury victim’s accident, and the severity of his or her bodily injuries, the individual may be entitled to obtain a multitude of types of damages and a significant amount of damages. Money damages usually include medical expense reimbursement, payment for lost wages and lost earnings, compensation for lost future earnings, recovery of other incurred expenses, money for pain and suffering and money damages for the loss of enjoyment of life.

Our Boston, MA personal injury law office and Boston, MA wrongful death lawyers expertly work on all types of Massachusetts personal injury claims and cases. Additionally, our expert and highly skilled and aggressive Boston accident attorneys and Boston wrongful death lawyers practice law in a number of other areas, including Massachusetts real estate; Massachusetts criminal cases; Massachusetts wills, trusts and estate planning; Massachusetts family and divorce proceedings; Massachusetts landlord/tenant disputes and lease issues; Massachusetts OUI/DWI and other motor vehicle infractions and offenses in the Commonwealth; Massachusetts commercial litigation; Massachusetts civil litigation; Massachusetts corporate and commercial law including forming corporations; Massachusetts civil rights trials; Massachusetts employment law; Massachusetts sexual harassment claims and litigation and Massachusetts sexual assault matters; Massachusetts labor law; Massachusetts worker’s compensation cases and other claims involving on the job injuries; and Massachusetts social security and disability claims.

If you have suffered from a Massachusetts personal injury through no fault of your own, we would urge you to contact our highly knowledgeable and skilled Boston, Massachusetts accident attorneys without delay at 617-787-3700. You can also email our Boston, MA law office at Please call today!

If you have any questions at all about your personal injury claim, your injuries or the amount of financial compensation that you or your loved one may be entitled to receive under applicable Massachusetts law, PLEASE CALL OUR BOSTON PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS OR BOSTON WRONGFUL DEATH ATTORNEYS TODAY at (617) 787-3700 FOR A FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION. YOUR NEEDS ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY!

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